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Sex Education

Title: Sex Education
Rating: Adult.
Pairing: Mckay/Weir
Warning: Graphic Sex.
Spoilers: None.
Summery: Sex.
Notes: Continues on from Back To School.

Once the door was locked she turned back around and leant on it, hands behind her back, smiling at him almost shyly bar the tilt at the corners of her mouth. He knew that look, loved that look, the naughty Elizabeth Weir was coming out to play.

She picked her moments.

He remained leaning again his desk, waiting for her. He knew he should hurry, rush through a couple of orgasms and make it up to her at his place, but something was stopping him.

She walked over to him, stood directly in front of him and took a hold of his shirt collars, pulling him to her for a kiss. He let himself be kissed for long moments, shifting his legs so she could stand between them, feeling her body against his. Her breasts against his chest, her lips against his. Her hands moved from his shirt to run down his chest to his waist. She pulled his shirt from his pants and when he felt her hands on his skin, cold and soft, he took control.

He gripped her waist and spun her around so her backside was against the desk. He kissed her, hard, his hands moving to undo the buttons on her shorts. He kissed a line over her jaw and down to her neck. He pulled her shirt open, nipping on her neck as he ran his fingertips over bare stomach. She moaned and started to move beneath him, twisting and turning her hips against his. He groaned into her neck and bit down, making her squeak.

At the noise he looked at her and grinned at the blush on her face.


She didn’t reply, instead kissing him and pulled him closer to her body.

He really wanted to rush but she felt too good.

He reached around her back and under the flimsy white material of her shirt to unclasp her bra with a little more skill than he used to possess. Having regular sex with a hot librarian taught you a lot as it turned out. He dropped the bra onto his desk and cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. She moaned loudly and he kissed her to shush her.

She squirmed when one of his hands cupped her through her black pants. She bit his lip to keep from moaning and arched her back, thrusting into his hand. Grabbing her hips again he pulled her up straight, turned her around and bent her over the desk. He ground his erection into her ass, groaning.

“Elizabeth.” He sighed, into her ear, covering her body with his. He reached around her and opened up her pants, slipping a hand inside her underwear. She moaned at the feel of his fingers running through her curls and the wetness there.


She hadn’t said that before, asked for something but he didn’t make anything of it. Instead he pulled her trousers down to fall to her ankles, her underwear following quickly. Deciding now was the time to rush he unzipped himself and pulled his erection through his fly.

He paused, waiting for her to protest or do something, move or moan or do anything but she remained still under his body, pressed into his desk. He smiled and pulled back the collar of her shirt so he could kiss the back of her neck. She shivered and pressed her back bare side into him.

“I thought you didn’t want to be caught.” She said quietly.

“I don’t.”

“Then do something Mr McKay,” she paused, “sir.” He groaned and guided his erection into her body, thrusting hard and rocking the desk forward. She cried out and he used one hand to hold onto her hip, the other clamping over her mouth.

“Quiet in class.” He murmured into her ear. He straightened up and released her mouth, placing the hand on her back, palm flat and starting to move slowly in and out of her body.

“Quiet.” He groaned at her sharp gasps.

He stopped when there was a knock at the door, both their heads whipping to the side.

“Mr McKay?” The student knocked again and they looked at each other, sweaty, rumpled and flushed. Rodney leaned over her again to kiss her cheek.


They waited, waiting to see if the knocking continued, to see if the student would persist.

After a few minutes of silence he felt her squirm again and felt her squeeze his erection inside her with her muscles and he groaned.

“Jezus Elizabeth.”

“Hurry up.”

“Who said romance was dead.” He stood up straight again and started moving again, finding the same pace as before and speeding up, his palm on her back, pushing her down hard onto the desk. Her sweet gasps became moans and he began to grunt in time with this thrusts, the desk rocked hard. He moved the hand from her hip around her waist and searched through her dark curls for her clit. He knew when he found it as she cried out sharply and thrust back into him. He moaned and kept up a duel assault on her until he felt her buck beneath him, her inner muscles squeezing him and she cried out, silencing herself quickly.

He bucked against her and came too, trying to reign in the pleasure as he remembered that they were in his classroom and not his bedroom.

He collapsed on top of her, pressing her harder into the old wood, his hands hanging limp by his sides. They were like that for a while, catching their breath, sweat drying, until he took a deep breath and stood up, pulling out of her with a sigh. He helped her dress, a gesture so sweet it made her want to cry. That was ridiculous, she thought. She smiled at him and once she was done up, she helped him dress too, then kissed him on the lips.

“I gave myself the afternoon off.” She told him.

“I still have another class.”

“Skip it.”

“I’m the teacher!”

“So.” She grinned at him. “You’re going to teach a class of students after having sex over your own desk?” She was so logical about it he had to think twice. “Play hooky with me.”

“Let’s go.”
Tags: fanfic, location:school, pairing:mckay/weir, rated:adult
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