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How To Screw Up Your First Date

Title: How To Screw Up Your First Date
Author: rolleson
Fandom: Stargate: The Libray AU
Character/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None.
Summery: Sequel to How Jack Met Sam. Jack really messes up.
Notes: I don't know when this became so cliché. Sorry. Written for million_moments because she got a first. There will be a sequel, once she's told me what to write.

The bar and band had been her idea, the drummer was the friend of a friend, though she hadn’t mentioned who either person was and it wasn’t particularly important to him. What was important was deciding what to wear, and trying not to make Charlie suspicious by shaving and wearing cologne. He opted for a blue shirt and jeans in the end, and was pulling on his leather jacket when his son collared him in the doorway.

“Going out?”


“With the guys?”

“Yep.” Charlie raised an eyebrow at him. “No.” He sighed.

“With who then?”

“A woman, but! Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just a date. A few drinks.”

“Riiiiiiiiight.” Jack laughed.

“We’ll talk about it later.” He ruffled the teenagers hair, wondering when their roles had been reversed, and smiled.

“Have fun dad.”

“Behave,” he said in a mock-stern voice. Charlie gave him a ‘who-me?’ look and left Jack to go out.

Later he was going to have that talk with the kid again, where he interrogated him and Jack tried to play it all down.

That was later though, and right now he had to go meet Sam Carter at a bar to watch a band.


He drove, pulling up and parking behind a battered red ford, his own truck looking giant next to it. He jumped out, his nerves pushed aside and excitement taking over. After their little coffee date last week he found there was a lot more to her than just being to blonde in the window. She had wicked sense of humour that he might have to pry out her and could be so sweet it hurt. All that after one cup of coffee and a pot of jello had meant he’d asked out before they’d even left the college cafeteria.

He walked into the bar and looked around, there was a healthy crowd but it wasn’t oppressive and he could see everyone he needed to. The barman and Sam Carter.

She was sat on a stool, facing the stage and he figured it was way, way too early into dating her to go up to her and wrap his arms around her from behind. It would be cool though, and maybe cute, but the leather jacket she was wearing suggested she might slap him. She was wearing jeans too, that were stretched tight over her ass as she sat on the stool so he stood and admired her for a moment. He was no angel and in the window she had been beautiful. Up close she was damn hot.

After indulging he called out her name and she turned around to face him, a brilliant smile on her face when she saw it was him. His ego grew another couple of sizes when she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey,” she said, “table?”



“Beer, please?”

“You get a table, I’ll get the drinks.” He said, she smiled.


“I just like giving orders.” She grinned and turned away to find a table and he went to the bar.


He had to look, but he found her sitting at table half-hidden in a little alcove, she had taken her jacket off and was wearing a little read top underneath and he tried not to stare as he placed the bottle on the table but failed miserably.

“You gonna sit down Jack?” She asked, trying not to laugh.

“Um yeah,” he grinned and took the seat beside her, “you look great.”

“Thanks, so do you.” He took a sip of his beer, he was going to need a little Dutch courage tonight, this was the first date in years he’d been on that Charlie hadn’t talked him into, not that he was going to mention that. “Tell me about this band.”

“I must admit, I don’t know much about them, I just thought it might make for a more relaxed atmosphere.”

“As opposed to dinner.”


“Good idea.”

“I have my moments.” She said, grinning again.

“A lot of them, I heard you were a genius.”

“I’m on my second post doc at the moment,” she confessed, “but I’m certainly no genius.”

“Smarter than me.”

“Probably.” He laughed and took a swig of his beer, and she did the same. She really liked the this guy, and as it turned out, he looked really good in a leather jacket. When she had watched him walking past the lab every afternoon he’d always worn navy slacks and a shirt. Occasionally a tie, and he always looked good, but jeans and a leather jacket really did something for him. Jeans and a leather jacket made him look hot.


He didn’t think his jokes were all that funny, a few sarcastic comments here and there, but she was laughing, a bright smile and bight eyes. The band was warming up on stage, and he’d learnt the name of the drummer at least. Not who the friend was though.

Still didn’t matter, except it did give him a little insight into her life, and kept the conversation away from himself, his own life and past. It wasn’t that he didn’t want her to know but first date in and he didn’t know what to expect and if she could handle dating a guy with a dead wife. Just because she was stunning didn’t make her sincere, but he did have the urge to kiss her.

He really needed to hold back those urges.

“Sam! Jack! What a surprise.” They both looked up to see Rodney McKay standing at their table, a smug grin on his face.



Sam and Jack turned to look at each other.

“You know this guy?” He asked.

“This is the friend I told you about,” she said smiling.

“Friend? Sam, I didn’t know you cared.” Rodney said.

“We used to work together,” she clarified.

“We do work together.” Jack said, almost growling at the other man who was still grinning.

“You teach physics at his high school?”

“Yep.” He was still grinning which she found annoying, but she always found him annoying. Jack looked positively fuming, which startled her a little.

“What’s so funny?” Jack asked.

“It’ll be nice for all the gossip to be about your love life instead of mine.” He said. Sam rolled her eyes, she knew secretly Rodney loved the gossip about him and the librarian, she knew he’d rarely been the talk of the university grape vine.

Not that she had any interest in that sort of thing. Honestly.

She smiled to herself but it disappeared when Jack rose, standing taller than Rodney, and somewhat threatening. To him at least, his grin disappeared and he shrunk back a touch and a confused look spread across Sam’s face.

“This is my private life, and I want it to remain private McKay.” He said, his voice low and dangerous, eyes hard. “If you say anything, to anyone at school, I will hurt you.” Rodney backed up, putting up his hands.

“I was kidding Jack, really, I meant this will come out anyway, won’t it?”

“Not from you.” He warned. Rodney nodded and skittered off without even looking at Sam. Jack sat down again and smiled at her. “Sorry about that.”

She didn’t answer, her expression turned from confusion to anger and she glared at him, causing a confused look on his face instead. He was about to say ‘what?’ when she stood up and grabbed her jacket.

“If you don’t want your colleagues to talk about us Jack, I have a very simple way to fix that.” With those words she turned and walked away just as the band started to play.

Jack sat stunned for a few moments, then jumped up, grabbing his own jack and knocking over the half full beer bottles. All attention was diverted from the band to him and he ran out of the bar just in time to see her speed away on a motorbike.

Two thoughts went through his head. Oh God she had a motorbike and he had just screwed up the best date he’d had in six years.


He had tried calling but she hadn’t answered the first time or the tenth time, then her phone was switched off. They had met at the bar so he didn’t know where she lived, only that it was somewhere near Cheyenne Park. But that could’ve been anywhere, there were pretty little houses on all sides and he figured driving around looking for one with a motorbike parked outside might be a little too much.

So he was in the labs first thing Monday morning, slightly damp from the light drizzle he’d been caught in, a small bunch of flowers in his hand.

“I’m looking for Sam Cater.”

A guy with soft scruffy brown hair, glasses and a lab coat looked up from his lap top.

“Uh, Dr Carter is in the office,” he said in a thick accent, “but she does not want to see you.”

“She told you that?”

“No, but I heard what happened and, I’m guessing, she doesn’t want to see you.”

“I’ll find out for myself.” He walked past the scientist and into the small room at the back of the lab. Sam was sat at a desk, her white lab coat hanging up on the door and paper spread over the desk.

“I don’t want to see you Jack.”

“Sam please.”

“I’m surprised Zelenka didn’t tell you that.”

“He did, I didn’t listen,” he said, putting the flowers down on a clear piece of desk, “will you please give me five minutes?”

“No.” Straight and to the point, he could appreciate that.

“I just don’t want to be part of the school gossip. I’ve got a kid to think about. I don’t want him to be part of the school gossip.” She paused, stopping mid motion, then dropped the pen and papers to the desk.

“I hadn’t thought about that.”

“God knows the kid gets enough grief being the principals son.”

“I can imagine.”

“It’s not just about me. It’s never going to be just about me.”

“I can understand that Jack, but you were very angry and it hurt me.”

“I overreacted, Rodney McKay can really grate on me sometimes.”

“I can imagine that too.” She sighed. “but you could’ve had a quiet word in the men’s room, a quick word before school today.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not as smart as you.” She smiled, finally, he thought. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better.” He smiled back.

“I promise.” He picked the flowers up and she took them from him, walking around the desk to kiss him on the cheek.

“That’s a start.”
Tags: fanfic, pairing:sam/jack, rated:g
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