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Character Profiles

Here are the character profiles for the library au. Everytime a major development occurs in a fic, these will be updated. A timeline will also be posted soon so people can fit fics in wherever they like!

Elizabeth Weir

Elizabeth Weir is head librarian at the public library, though first joined the library ten years previously when it was still run by George Hammond (The Hostage Situation). Before joining the public library she worked briefly as a school librarian. She originally wanted to go into politics but was discouraged by a teacher at school. She spent a semester abroad in the Czech Republic, where she gained a passing interest in designer clothing (Everybody loves Elizabeth).

After years of shelving other peoples books Elizabeth began to consider writing her own novel (The Library), and with encouragement from Rodney is now working on a novel based around the lost city of Atlantis (Back to School).

She is currently in a relationship with Rodney McKay, a local high school teacher whom she met through the library. She agreed to date him in The Library, and their relationship has now progressed to the point where they admit being in love with each other (Lights Out).

Elizabeth likes to hang out at Chuck’s bar after work.

Vala Mal Doran

Vala is a teaching assistant at the high school, where she went to school herself. In fact she is a former student of Rodney’s, who is the only person who ever managed to have any control over her, by teaching her some less legitimate things such as lock picking (Everybody loves Elizabeth – coming soon). The only other person she’ll ‘take orders’ from is Jack O’Neill, because she has to. Vala does not really want to be a teaching assistant, and has expressed some interest in becoming a private investigator.

Vala’s favourite activity is driving the high school librarian, Daniel Jackson, crazy – though this is actually just her form of flirting. She thinks Daniel has a lot of potential if he wasn’t so stiff, and is making it her mission to bring it out in him.


Teyla has only recently moved to the city, taking a job as an English teacher at the local high school. She immediately joined the library (The Library), and will often wander in there looking for inspiration on what book/poet she should teach to her class next. As a consequence she is forming relationships with the staff there, with John and his friend Ronon both vying for her affections.

Teyla was caught up in the events of The Hostage Situation when she popped into the library during lunch hour. She proved herself to be remarkably capable under pressure, helping Carson stay calm and then treating Rodney when he was injured.

Aiden Ford

Aiden Ford’s back story is summarized in The Hostage Situation. This summary will thus contain spoilers for that fic. His parents died when he was 10 and he was raised by his maternal grandparents. As a child he had a love of books, and an extremely good memory, which won him the book mastermind competition. He is 24 years old.

In his late teens Aiden started taking drugs, and was soon a full-fledged addict living a life of petty crime in order to fund his habit. The desire for drug money led to the events of the Hostage Situation, where he used an unloaded gun and a knife to hold everyone in the library hostage in the hopes of scoring some drugs. Luckily Elizabeth managed to talk him out of continuing his actions.

Aiden is currently in prison and undergoing rehab, he will probably be released in the next few years on good behaviour as he had finally become determined to turn his life around. He is learning mechanics whilst in prison.

Cameron Mitchell

Cameron prefers to be called by his last name or just Cam. He is also relatively new in town having moved into the area from Tennessee. He teaches gym at the school. He and Sam Carter went to college together. He was in the military for awhile, but then an accident meant he almost lost the ability to walk and he decided to leave for the relatively safer career of teaching. He is still involved in training with the Army Reserves.

Cam has a particular interest in helping the kids from the rougher neighbourhoods. He runs several after school sporting clubs to try and keep them entertained, including a boxing class that T and Jack O’Neill help out at. He also arranges self defence classes for the girls.

Carson Beckett

Carson Beckett is a medical student near the completion of his degree. He works part time at the library to earn some extra money and also because the not-so-strenuous job gives him plenty of time to study. He often has his nose stuck in a medical journal, so when his help is actually needed it can be hard to gain (Lights Out).

Carson did want to go into neurology, but after treating Rodney in The Hostage Situation is now considering becoming an ER doctor.

Carson plays drums in a small local band called “The Histones” which is desperately seeking a singer. They play most of their gigs at Chuck’s bar, which is frequented by students at the weekend and teaching staff during the week.

Chuck Campbell

Chuck runs the local bar, creatively called Chuck’s. The bar is very successful by managing to cater to both the student and non-student populations of the city. At the weekends it is mostly frequented by students, when Chuck does great deals on such food staples as curly fries and Guinness. During the week it becomes a haven for the teaching and academic staff of the local university and city council workers such as those at the library.

Chuck is close friends with Carson, and thus lets his band play there. He also has a very large crush on Elizabeth Weir, and has been trying to eliminate Rodney from the competition as much as Rodney has been trying to eliminate him (Everybody loves Elizabeth – coming soon). He can often be seen trying to sneak lemon slices intp Rodney’s drink.

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is the high school librarian, and he takes his job very seriously. He is much admired by many of the female students, but completely oblivious to his effect on them. He has attracted the attention of the teaching assistant Vala Mal Doran, who enjoys driving him crazy in her own unique brand of flirting (Everybody loves Elizabeth).

Daniel has a bit of a crush on Elizabeth Weir, but is too shy to ask her out. Daniel is very opinionated on all things political. His best friend is Jack O’Neill.

Jack O'Neill

Jack O’Neill started as an English teacher and has now progressed to head teacher of the local high school, though on many occasions he wishes he was back in the classroom (How Jack Met Sam). Jack has one son, Charlie, who will soon be attending University. Jack’s wife Sara was murdered ten years previously when she was caught in the crossfire during a fight between The Wraith and The Genii resident gangs of the city. Though she died she did so saving the life of their son. Jack hired T, a private investigator, to try and find her killer and over time they became friends.

Jack is also friends with the librarian at his school, Daniel Jackson. His relationship with McKay is quite tense because he doesn’t exactly like him (How to mess up your first date). Jack is currently in the early stages of a relationship with Sam Carter. He has not had many relationships since his wife’s death, since he has never been very good at the whole dating thing and feels a bit too old for it now.

John Sheppard

John was raised by his mother and step-father, Eric. who was in the airforce. This inspired John to try to join but he failed. When he was younger he married Leanne, but their marriage broke down during her pregnancy with John's child due to his failure to get any kind of job. After the baby was born, a boy named Eric after his step father, Leanne refused to let him see the child until he got a job. The job he got was as a library assistant at the public library. He is now divorced from Leanne. (Getting the Point)

He is not exactly very efficient at his job, normally requiring Elizabeth to give him a direct order military style in order to get work done (Lights Out). He can be quite flirtatious with Elizabeth, and also enjoys teasing her, but does hold a great deal of respect for her. Plus he flirts with most of the female customers.

John is a very active member of the Army Reserves.His best friend is Ronon Dex, fellow member of the Army Reserves and they often wander off to a bar at lunch time.

Radek Zelenka

Radek Zelenka works as a lab technician with Sam Carter at the local university, and they are good friends (How to mess up your first date). He is also a very active member of the local Mensa chapter, and has a somewhat love/hate relationship with Rodney McKay (Everybody loves Elizabeth).

Rodney McKay

Rodney is a physics teacher at the local high school, though his membership to Mensa, amongst other things, shows that he is actually capable of more. He runs a Mensa meeting that is held at the school on Friday nights, including Radek Zelenka in its attendees (How Jack met Sam, Everybody loves Elizabeth).

He is an avid reader, which is how he met Elizabeth Weir, who he has fancied from the first time he saw her (The Library). He eventually worked up the courage to ask her out, after eliminating anyone else he viewed as competition to try and increase his chances of winning her heart (Everybody loves Elizabeth). After getting drunk during a reception at the library, he suddenly realises he loves her and tells her as much (Lights Out). He is very protective of her (The Hostage Situation).

Rodney has a sister, Jeannie, who he has not spoken to in several years (Back to School) and she appears to be doing some kind of top secret work for the Government.

Ronon Dex

Ronon Dex is a professional athlete, specialising in long distance running. He is best buddies and somewhat partner in crime with John Sheppard, whom he met in Army Reserves. Ronon is often responsible for dragging John off to a bar at lunch hour for some drinking and to check out the local talent.

Sam Carter

Samantha Carter is a research scientist in physics currently working on her second post doc at the local university (How to mess up your first date). She works with Radek Zelenka with whom she helps to teach undergraduate physics labs (How Jack Met Sam). She is currently in the early stages of a relationship with Jack O’Neill. She is a very strong woman who feels she can look after herself, and she is also a bit of a speed demon, owning a vintage motorcycle (How to mess up your first date). She also spent some time in the Army Reserves, mostly to please her father who commands the local unit.

Samantha has attended the Mensa meetings very occasionally, mostly to please Radek. Here she met Rodney McKay with whom she has a somewhat strenuous relationship as she doesn’t appreciate his constant flirting. However it should be noted she doesn’t completely hate him, as she has seen him be really quite sweet sometimes (Just Between you and me – coming at...err...some point!).


T (nobody knows his real name, he apparently finds it embarrassing) is a very successful private investigator often brought in to help by the police. He met Jack when the man asked him to track down his wife’s killers, and they became firm friends. T has a taste for somewhat eccentric clothes that he also tries to force on his friend by gifting them with outrageous shirts for Christmas, for example (How Jack Met Sam).
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