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Title: How Not To Introduce Your Son To Your New Girlfriend
Author: rolleson
Fandom: Stargate the_library_au
Rating: Adult
Character/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Spoilers: None, no points for obvious COTG ref.
Warnings: Oral sex.
Summery: Jack doesn't really have much luck.
Notes: 1974 words.

He knew this feeling, but he was pretty sure at this point in his life he should not be feeling it as strongly as he was now. The knife in his hand was shaking, and disgusted with himself, he slammed it down on the counter. He hadn’t felt this nervous since introducing Sara to his parents all those years ago. Sam was quickly becoming an important person to him and Charlie was the most important person to him. It was important that his son liked his girlfriend, more so since Kerry breezed in and out of their lives and almost broke both their hearts.

All the importance was going to his head and he wasn’t sure if he needed a drink or a sit down.

He decided on both, opening a beer and taking a seat at his little kitchen table. His counters were covered in ingredients for dinner, dinner with his new girlfriend and his son.

He had never gotten used to the fact that he was introducing women to his son, when he was pretty sure his son should be introducing women to him. Not that he wasn’t, he’d met a few girls in passing, but still, it wasn’t quite right.

He finished his beer and went back to chopping vegetables. He knew there was nothing to worry about, Sam had a way about her that charmed most men, and he had found that Charlie wasn’t always worried about the women as long as Jack himself was happy. Normally he wouldn’t even introduce Charlie to anyone this early into a relationship, he hadn’t even slept with Sam yet, but the boy had been insistent.

He almost cut a finger off when his son came home, slamming the door closed behind him and running past the kitchen at full speed.

“Whoa, slow down little hurricane.” Jack called out. Charlie braked and almost fell forward. He turned around at his door and smiled.

“Aren’t I a bit old for nicknames?”

“Not when you’re still running through the house like an Unas is after you.”

“The Unas are a myth dad.”

“I’ve seen the footprints myself!”

“I don’t have time for this,” Charlie said, “the game starts in an hour.”


“Hockey. Jay got tickets.”

“We’re having dinner with Sam tonight.”

“I thought she was coming over on Tuesday.”

“Today is Tuesday.” Charlie opened his mouth to argue the point.

“Oh, yeah. Well, tell Sam I’m sorry.” He turned to go into his room and Jack reached out, grabbing his backpack and pulling him back. “Dad, you know how hard it is to get hockey tickets.” Jack sighed, the kid was right.

“Fine,” he let go of the back pack, “I’ll give your apologises to Sam.” He ruffled the kids hair before he could duck out of the way, grumbling ‘dad’ as he headed to his room. Jack laughed and went back to preparing dinner.


Jack opened the door to a nervous looking Sam, holding a bottle of red wine like it was a bomb she was desperate to distance herself from. He took smiled and took the wine from her.

“Charlie’s not here.” She relaxed before his eyes as if he’d said ‘at ease’. She was still nervous. “His friends got tickets to the hockey.”

“Really? Lucky kid.” Jack smiled and led her into his house.

“Take a seat, I’ll pour the wine.” She nodded, looking around, then went down the steps as he went into his kitchen, she sat on the sofa, smoothing her skirt down as she did so, unsure if the skirt was a good idea now she was here. She took her denim jacket off and laid it on her lap. Jack came in with two glasses of wine and once he’d put them down, offered to take her coat, she hesitated before handing it to him. After a few minutes he finally settled on the sofa beside her.

He wanted to tell her she looked pretty. It was the perfect word but he was still figuring her out. Since the kiss on their disastrous second date, she’d mostly kept her distance but had worn low cut tops, leather and the most stunning black dress he had ever seen. That had caused him to push her up against her front door before they’d even left for dinner but the kiss hadn’t lasted long. She’d pulled her lips away and slipped from beneath him.

The had been their last date and much more successful than their second.

“You didn’t have to be so nervous about meeting Charlie, you know.” As he’d been watching her, he noticed how she’d slowly relaxed more and more.

“I know, it just seemed very important.” She said taking a sip of wine, “it is very important. To me at least.“ Jack had to wonder if the ‘importants’ were making her head spin too.
“And I don’t think I’ve met anyone’s son before.”

“I guess I’m older than any ex-boyfriends huh?” He tried not to choke at the idea of ex-boyfriends. It was way too early for them to be talking about exes. For him at least. Not because he was insecure, but because he didn’t want to be talk about his own hazardous love life.

“Not really.” She grinned, and she could only describe the expression as evil.

She was a tease.

“You like older men?” She nodded but changed the subject and Jack wasn’t sure if he was relieved or curious.

“It’s a shame really, I went to a lot of trouble to look wholesome and, nice.”


“I didn’t think knee high leather boots and a mini skirt would make the right impression.” He moved closer to her.

“They’d have made and impression on me,” he said, taking her wine from her and moving closer still, “and Charlie’s a teenager so,”

“So exactly,” she interrupted, laughing.

“You do look very pretty.” He kissed her on the lips, staying close when they broke apart.

“Thank you.” She liked the compliment, there was something about the way he said the word pretty that made her blush. The sincerity of it.

“I do like the leather though. It’s a bit of a fetish.”

“A fetish?” He grinned at her and leant over a little more, kissing her again, harder this time, hands on her waist, pushing her back against the sofa arm and she pushed back, her lips tight against him and tongue teasing him. He pulled away, took a breath and then nipped at the skin on her neck.

“Got any other fetishes?”

“A few. But we can get to those another day.”


It had been a long while since he’d had his head up a woman’s skirt. Usually the skirts were ripped off or lifted up, but Sam’s pretty pink floral skirt was over as his head, her underwear somewhere on his bedroom floor and his tongue running over her centre. She was gripping the footboard of his bed, arching towards his mouth, his own hands gripping her thighs hard to stop her from bucking when he hit what he assumed was just-the-right-spot. Except it wasn’t that spot because he thrust his tongue inside her and she swore, her body jolting backwards away from him.

“Okay?” The word was muffled by her body, and when she didn’t answer he lifted her skirt up and looked up at her. “Okay?” She nodded, her face scrunched up, and she mouthed the word ‘more; to him. He laughed and continued torturing her with his tongue, until moving one hand to press his thumb on her clit.

“Please.” She pleaded. “Please.”

He pressed down harder, this thumb slipping and scratching her. She yelped and he apologised by thrusting a finger inside her.


The pleading whimpers were cute he decided, and slowly added another finger into her body, moving them in and out, he let got of her skirt and it fell over his head again as he held onto her thigh and sucked her clit hard. He heard the footboard creak, and muffled a laugh at her.

He was pretty sure she was going to snap his footboard when she came, two fingers deep inside her body, his thumb pressing down awkwardly on her clit but it seemed to do the trick, his nails scraping uncomfortably on that spot inside her that made her toes curl at the same time and it was good but not enough to snap his board from the end of his bed.

Maybe next time.

Still, he figured the ’uh’ noises meant she was happy and the way she was trying to kill him with her thighs. She was evil. He had proof. Not that he’d be telling anyone that.

He came from under her skirt, looking up at her and grinning. Her eyes were closed and she was still holding tightly onto the thick wood.

“Okay?” He asked. she nodded, eyes still closed.

“Good.” She said, grinning. “Very good.” She opened her eyes to see him grinning back, and pulled him up to kiss him hard and push him around the bed. When he realised what she was doing he spun them around, swapping places and lying her back on the bed. He settled on top on her, between her legs, and never once let her lips escape his.

He loved scientists. they could be so sexy and geeky and as long as you didn’t get them talking about their particular field he got on fine with most of them.

He was certainly getting along fine with Sam, but she wasn’t like most scientists. Just as geeky and sexy but there was something about her that he couldn’t get enough of. Just thinking about her beautiful nature made Jack realise a terrible truth.

He might be in love.

He pulled from Sam, his hand under her top and erection pressed hard against her thigh, just in time to see his son walk into the bedroom.

“You’ll never guess what happ,” he froze, mid-motion, mid-sentence, “whoa!”


Simultaneously, Jack scrambled to his feet and pulled Sam up to join him, as Charlie turned, putting his hand up and out at them, and walked back down the corridor, apologising in a loud vice that drifted back to the room.

“Shit.” Jack pulled at his shirt, and was reminded of another familiar feeling. The guilt of being caught. He was pretty sure this was all supposed to be the other way around and Sam blushing bright red as she straightened out her bra and shirt, then ruffled her hair back into place.

He wanted to laugh but the look on Sam’s face made him hold it back and he went after his son, Sam on his heels, her head down.

“Sorry dad, I didn’t think you’d, I didn’t think,” Charlie was bright red too, both men unable to make eye contact, “sorry.”

“Charlie, we were just,” he pulled at his shirt and Charlie put his hand up in a stopping motion again.

“I am so going to need therapy.” He said, “I’ll leave you two alone.” Before Jack could reply the teenager was out of the house.

“Shit.” He turned to Sam who was still bright red, a troubled look on her face. “That went well,” he tried to joke but she didn’t respond.

“I wanted it to go well.” She told him.

“He’ll get over it.”

“I know.” He put her arms around her and hugged her close, realising for the first time how important meeting Charlie was to her.

“Want something to eat?” She shook her head.

“No thanks, I’m just going to head home.” She pulled out of his embrace. “I’ll call you later Jack.”

“Uh, yeah.” He frowned and watched her walk out his front door, leaving him confused and alone, with a half cooked dinner in the over.
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