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Title: How To Be Clueless About Your Relationship
Author: rolleson
Fandom: Stargate: the_library_au
Rating: PG-13/R
Character/Pairing: Sam/Jack
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Groping
Summery: He hadn’t heard from Sam in over a week.
Notes: Follows on from How Not To Introduce Your Son To Your New Girlfriend

He hadn’t heard from Sam in over a week. Since she’d walked out of his house, leaving her underwear in his bedroom floor, and him having to have some sort of talk with his son.

A talk in which he hadn’t done much talking, but hadn’t been able to stop Charlie from rambling about God knew what, something he assumed the boy had inherited from his mother, or possibly his grandfather. Jack remembered his own dad being a bit of a talker. Either way his son had reassured him that he didn’t really need therapy, and that ‘he was really happy for his dad, really,’ but to lock the door in future.

Which was good advice if he could just get Sam near his house again, or near him, or talking to him or something, anything.

The Thursday after the disastrous dinner (despite having a name like O’Neill he definitely did not have the luck of the Irish), he'd walked home from school as usual and had expected to find her waiting for him on the corner of the physics building as usual. Since Sam had finished her short stint as fill-in lab assistant, she’d taken to waiting for him on Thursday afternoons so they could either have coffee or dinner, or so she could just drive him the rest of the way home. The Thursday after the disastrous dinner (so many disasters to choose from) though she wasn’t waiting for him. Wasn’t in the window and when he’d gone looking for her in the labs, Radek had told him she’d left early for the day.

That had hurt but not as much as the sound of her voice on her answer machine (he could recite the message off by heart), his empty email box (if only his work email was empty) and the fact that the last time she had called his cell had been the day of the disastrous dinner (he couldn’t think of a better name).

Now it was another Thursday and nearing the end of the day and he was tempted to get Daniel to drive him home, just so he couldn’t have to go past her building and see that she wasn’t waiting for him.

He picked up his office phone and dialled the library’s extension, waiting for his friend to answer.

“Hello.” The cheery voice that answered was definitely not Daniels.


“Principal O’Neill!” There was what could only be described as glee in her voice, which worried him. He liked the teaching assistant a lot but she could be trouble.

“Where’s Daniel?” But then so could the librarian.

“Oh, he had to go out, but don’t worry, I’ve spent enough time in here to know what I’m doing.”

“I’m sure,” he tried not to laugh, “has he been gone long?”

“Ages.” She sounded downright devastated and again he held back some laughter.

“Just tell him I called please Vala.”

“Will do Sir!”

He had a vision of the young woman saluting to the telephone and held the receiver away from his mouth so he could let out a little huff of laughter. He had tried to get her to call him Jack but she persisted with Principal O’Neill or Sir like she was still one of his students.

“Thank you.” He hung up, smiling.

He refreshed his browser but he still didn’t have any new emails (but a lot of new spam), no messages on the office machine and no missed calls on his cell. He didn’t really know what to do next, except he had an hour before school finished to come up with a plan, an idea, a romantic gesture.

He was screwed.


He was curious to see if she was there waiting for him, even though he knew she wouldn’t be there. That empty spot on the corner was going to hurt, but he couldn’t take the chance (however slim) that she’d turn up after all.

When she wasn’t there though, he ignored the tightness in his chest and the sick feeling in his stomach and kept walking, not even stopping to wait for a moment. Why prolong the pain when he could try and walk it off? Why the hell did it hurt this much? They’d only been dating for three months. Not nearly long enough for him to feel so bad he couldn’t breathe

Except he could breathe or he’d be face down on the sidewalk he supposed.

It was time to take action. He hated waiting, hated relying on people to do things for him. Hated waiting for Sam to make the next move like this.

So he walked home, got in his car and drove to her house.


Walking up her path he had a horrible vision of another man opening her door and hesitated in knocking on her door. He almost hit her when she pulled it open just as he decided to bang on the wood.


He wanted to kiss her, hard, hold her to him but instead he held back and was surprised when she leant forward to kiss him on the cheek.

“I would’ve called first but you’ve not been answering my calls.”

“No.” He stared at her for a moment, waiting for her to say more, explain, apologise but she remained silent.

“Can I come in?”

“Oh, yes, okay.” She led him into her house, he’d been there before but never inside and waited until she offered him a seat.

“What’s going on Sam?” He tried to get the annoyed tone out of his voice, and the desperation but he failed miserably. And they both knew it.

“Does Charlie hate me?”

“Why on Earth would he hate you?”

“It just seemed like a really, really bad way to be caught by your boyfriends son.”

“It was, but it’s okay,” he told her, watching her relax just a little.


“I’ve missed you,” he said, when she didn’t say anymore.

“I missed you too.”

“Then why didn’t you call?”

“I didn’t want to face the possibility that it was over.” She said. “It would break my heart”

Jack started laughing and she started at him in complete confusion.


“We’re idiots.” She smiled.

“Yep. I put us both through the wringer. I’m so sorry Jack.”

“It’s okay.” She was cute, he decided. “It just made me realise I’m in love with you.”

“Oh.” He smiled and waited for the realisation to kick in. “Oh!”. He laughed and she threw herself at him, kissing him hard, her hands on his shoulders. His own hands remained on the sofa, bracing himself and letting himself be kissed until she needed to breathe. He personally thought oxygen was overrated. “You love me?”


“I love you too.”

“Really?” He had to ask.

“Yeah, it explains this heartbroken feeling I’ve had all week.” She said, “I just didn’t realise it.”

“Never been in love before huh?”

“No, never, not like this....oh.” He hadn’t meant to say that, for it to sound like, it did. “Did it, were you in love with Sara like this?” He nodded, “Jack I can’t imagine,” she slipped her head down to think, resting it on his chin and he kissed her hair.

“It hurt for a very long time, and sometimes it still does, but I have Charlie, and I feel that amazing feeling, the intense love again, for you.” She looked up and he kissed her.

“It’s horrible isn’t it?” He laughed.

“Sometimes,. But sometimes it’s fantastic.”

“I suppose.” She grinned.

“You suppose?” His eyebrow cocked upwards and she started laughing, until he kissed her, hand on her waist, using his upper body to push her back on the sofa and kiss her harder. He settled over her, pulling her t-shirt up and running his hands over the skin of her waist and stomach, as her own hands caressed his neck and shoulders. She moaned when his fingertips pinched at her nipple through her bra and it was clear where this was going. He pulled his lips away from hers.

“Bedroom.” He said, looking down at her, voice and face serious, eyes hard.



“No one’s going to walk in Jack.”

“I don’t care.” He said, getting up off her, and pulling her to her feet. “Bedroom, doors locked, phones off the hook.” She laughed and took his hand.

“Yes Sir.” She said, saluting, taking his hand and leading him to her bedroom.
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