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Where it all began.

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The Library is fanfiction written about an alternate universe with characters from both SG-1 and Atlantis, created by rolleson and million_moments.

What basically began as a McWeir AU set in library, snowballed into an entire universe with more fics being thought up and written. The fics will show how all the characters know each other and how it all connects.

The main ships so far are McKay/Weir and Sam/Jack. But there will be general fic and so forth.

None of this should be taken too seriously.
Joining and Rules
Feel free to join the community and write fics of your own based on our little world. As long as you don't put characters in different jobs or something then that's okay. Fics must include the following information.


Anything else is fair game. Art is more than welcome.

A fic timeline can be found here

No m/m slash

This is the current list of characters and their alternate lives. Anyone not on the list hasn't been written into the universe yet but probably will be in the future.

Detailed character profiles can be found HERE, please check these before writing a fic.

Elizabeth Weir: Head librarian, would also like to write books herself.

Rodney McKay: High school physics teacher.

John Sheppard: Librarian and member of the Army Reserves.

Ronan Dex: Marathon runner and member of the Army Reserves.

Teyla Emmagan: High school teacher, often in the library. Not lived in town long.

Radek Zelenka: Lab technician at the university.

Carson Beckett: Part time librarian and medical student.

Jack O'Neill: High school principle.

Sam Carter: Post-Doc at local university, also helps out as a lab-tech

Daniel Jackson: High school librarian, has a crush on Weir.

Cameron Mitchell: High school gym teacher.

Teal'c: P.I (As in episode 200, we couldn't help ourselves!)

Vala Mal Doran: Former student who returns as a teaching assistant.

George Hammond: retired head librarian.

Hank Landry: In charge of the Army Reserves.

Janet Fraiser: Medical Doctor at the hospital.

Jonas Quinn:

These are only very brief outlines, and when enough information has been collected (e.g we finish writing the first few fics!) a full LJ post will be made with background information on each character. Most minor characters are up for grabs, if you'd like to assign them a place in the AU!

The main ships are Sam/Jack, McKay/Weir, Daniel/Vala.
As of yet there are no other ships, so pretty much any other ship can be created and written about. Ships using Sam, Jack, McKay etc, can also be written about but must fit into fics already written (else it wouldn't make sense). No m/m slash, femslash is okay, but no m/m slash.

Questions and Disclaimer
Any questions go here.

We don't own Stargate or Atlantis or any of the characters in the AU. Fanfiction should never be taken too seriously.
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